5 Point Public House Oyster Bar

Menus at 5 Point Public House Oyster Bar

Lunch Menu:

Bar Snacks

Gabby’s House Made Pickle Salad 4


Fried Pork Skins, Pub Rub, Poblano Queso 5


5 Point Hummus, Rosemary Lemon Olives 6


Duck Rillettes 8

house made duck confit, crispy bread


Beer Battered Cheese Curds, Jalapeno Aioli 6


Garlic Parmesan Fries 6


House Made Chips, Yummy Dip 5



Beer Dragon Roll   15

spicy tuna, avocado, tuna, ginger dressing, chives


Soul Roll 11

tempura fried alaskan king crab, jalapeno, cream cheese, carrot


Oyster Rock n’ Roll   11

fried oyster, bacon, spinach, cream cheese, asparagus, 

jalapeno, cilantro sambal aioli


Veggie Roll     9

tempura fried asparagus, grilled pineapple, cucumber, carrot


Oven Breads

Quattro Formaggi   9

tomato garlic onion compote, manchego, smoked gouda, mozz, 

white cheddar


The Margherita   9

ODT tomatoes, spinach, fresh mozz


Spinach Feta             9

roasted mushrooms, red onions, garlic oil, pesto


Pork Belly & Prosciutto   10

tomato garlic onion compote, manchego, smoked gouda, mozz



5 Point Cobb   9  

romaine, bacon, farm egg, avocado, maytag blue, red onion, 

cucumber, tomato, sweet corn, dijon mustard vinaigrette

add grilled salmon  14


Brussels Sprout Pork Belly Hash, Farm Egg  10


The Steak Salad   12

grilled romaine heart, coal roasted carrot, leek, shiitake, 

avocado, spanish onion, ginger lemon dressing


Baby Greek   5

romaine, red leaf, local tomato, shredded carrot, croutons, 

feta, red onion, red wine vinaigrette


Strawberry Spinach Grilled Chicken Salad   11

carrots, feta, honey white wine vinaigrette


Small Plates

Pork Kimchi Spring Rolls   7

sweet chili garlic sauce, spicy mustard


Poutine   9

garlic parmesan fries, pulled pork, cheese curds, beef gravy


Claws, Calamari, Banana Peppers   9

sriracha remoulade


The Baked 6   9

bacon, blue cheese, house made hot sauce

Fried Oyster s     9

cornmeal crusted fried oysters, sriracha aioli, jalapeno relish

Today’s Soup   7


Main Plates

For Joan Only m.p.

if you know Joan, you know what it is


Grilled Cuban 10

pulled pork, tasso ham, swiss cheese, pickles, sweet chili mustard, 

potato salad


Cheesy Breakfast Grill                    10

sourdough, smoked gouda white cheddar grit cake, smoked bacon, 

tomato, arugula, fried farm egg, garlic parmesan fries


Grilled Fish Reuben 11

grilled fish, crunchy slaw, dill havarti, rye, remoulade, potato salad 


Daily Mac & Cheese   m.p.

orecchiette, smoked gouda, white cheddar


5 Point Public House Burger 12

aged hereford beef, american cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, 

pickle, brioche bun, garlic parmesan fries


Chicharron Burger 12

aged hereford beef, queso poblano, jalapeno relish, chicharrones, 

brioche bun, garlic parmesan fries


Stout BBQ Burger 12

aged hereford beef, pulled pork, stout beer bbq sauce, smoked gouda, 

“tobacco” onion, pickles, house aioli, brioche bun, garlic parmesan fries


Simple Grilled Fish 13

mcewen & sons white cheddar cheese grits, lemon dill cream


Chicken & Biscuit Sandwich 10

white cheddar biscuit, fried chicken, bourbon maple butter, pickles, 



Alligator Tail Tacos 13

lager beer grilled gator tail, caramelized onion, grilled pineapple, 

salsa verde, queso fresco, cabbage, crema


5 Point Fish & Fries 10

beer battered cod fingers, garlic parmesan fries, dill tartar sauce


Pub Rub Beef Brisket 12

oven smoked beef brisket, sourdough, white cheddar, apple fennel slaw, 

beer bourbon bacon jam, potato salad


Shrimp & Grits 13

roasted gulf shrimp, conecuh sausage, mcewen & sons white cheddar 

cheese grits, tomato beurre blanc