Chez Fonfon

Menus at Chez Fonfon

Lunch and Dinner Menu:

La Petite Cuisine

Picholine & niçoise olives 3.50
Heirloom tomato salad, cucumber & farmer’s cheese 10.50
Ratatouille tartine— chèvre & basil 9.00
Mediterranean salad— calamari, shrimp, roasted peppers & tomatoes 12.00 

Garden lettuces with chives, tarragon & goat cheese 9.50
Steak tartare 14.50
Country pâté of pork, ham, foie gras, pistachios 14.75
Charcuterie platter—housemade pâté, rillettes, cured meats 25.00
Chicken liver mousse & grilled baguette 10.50
Fish paillard with green peaches, mint, cucumber & hazelnuts 12.95 Escargots with shallot & garlic butter 12.25
Chilled cucumber soup 9.50 


Les Grands Plats

Pork Milanese with pommerey mustard sauce 19.00
Chicken grande-mère— white wine, zucchini, eggplant & red peppers 18.00 Wild salmon with sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, mint & basil M.P.
Shrimp & avocado salad with sauce rémoulade 15.50
Croque Monsieur— ham & cheese with pommes frites 14.50
Croque Madame— ham & cheese with fried egg & pommes frites 16.50 

Trout with capers, shallots & brown butter 22.00
Moules et frites with saffron & cream 17.50
Omelette with tomatoes, bulb onion, tarragon & farmer’s cheese 14.00 

Hamburger Fonfon with comté & pommes frites 16.50
Steak frites—grilled flat iron with salsa verde 26.00 


Garnitures $5.25 

haricots vert & shallots 

cucumbers, onions & dill 

Sardinian couscous 

corn & cherry tomatoes 


Specialite du jour

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Grilled jumbo shrimp, olive oil and garlic 19.00

Wednesday: Lobster & shrimp BLT M.P.

Thursday: Crabcake with fines herbes M.P.

Friday: Roast scallops with zucchini, farrotto, mint & basil 23.00

Chaque jour: simple fish with choice of: cucumber relish, sauce gribiche or beurre blanc M.P. 



Jasper Hill Alpha Tolman (cow) 

Capriole Piper’s Pyramid (goat) 

Sweet Grass Green Hill (cow) 

Sequatchie Cove Coppinger (cow) 

Roquefort (sheep) 

Beemster 26 month (cow)
taste of three 13.25
taste of all 24.00 


Desserts 10.00

Peaches & cream

Coconut cake
Chocolate caramel nut tart

Pot de crème

Lemon meringue tart
Sauternes Château Lions de Suduiraut ’12 10.00/glass
Moscato d’Asti Vietti ’16 6.00/glass